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STAFF 3 was founded in Milan in 1974 by three young designers with innovative ideas: realizing new model of the pharmacy which include functionality of the project, organization of the open space and good communication.

With over 40 years of the experience we can consider ourselves a leader in this field.

Our designs combine style and elegance, originality and adapt ability.

We create a unique style.

STAFF3 offer 20 designers who work all over the world.

In 2017 new retailers joined team to make our presence stronger on the world.

Within a few days, since the first contact, we can reach all pharmacies and suggest design and innovative solutions for your business.

Nowadays the pharmacy design cannot be exclusively locked to the resolution of architectural and engineering problems, but it must focus on analyzing geographical, social and economical date of the territorial.

In such way we develop an extremely professional working environment.

On the following pages, we will give you an insight into our collection of the furniture systems and consultancies, which creare catalogue 2019 of the STAFF 3



STAFF3 is an company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Logotipo Farmacia Margutti
Logotipo Farmacia Margutti
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