Since 1974 we help our clients to get to their new successful pharmacy!

farmacia staff3 arredamenti per farmacie

More than 40 years of experience at your service!

Since 1974 we have realized thousands of pharmacies.
Which is our secret? We never stop, every day we work hard to evolve and improve, for us and for our clients.
In our projects you will find an attentive study of the architectural spaces, top quality finishing materials an attentive choice of colors, a strong and effective communication.

farmacia staff3 arredamenti per farmacie


What makes a Staff3 pharmacy different from all the others?

ATTENTION. The attention to our client’s identity.
We know that our clients are looking for a style of their own, in order to reaching their professional goals and stand out from the crowd. We realize their unique pharmacies, mixing up the strength of our knowledge with the specific flair of each client.
Since 1974 we helped thousands of clients to find their new winning identity turning it into a functional architectural space, elegant and welcoming, where the customers are guided naturally through a precise path studied to enhance at the best the products in the selling area.
A place in which they feel at ease, where the informations are clear, visible and the products exposed at the best.
A Staff3’s pharmacy will always be YOUR pharmacy, custom-made to fit your desires.

Farmacia La Pietra - Staff3 arredamenti per farmacie


 NOT JUST PHARMACY FURNITURE. We do not just sell you high-quality furniture, we complete them with a real architectural project, realized by professional architects, with a specific preparation in pharmacy design. Moreover, we offer a wide range of complementary services specific for communication.