It has just been concluded the project for Farmacia San Godenzo , situated near Rome, along Via Cassia.
The architects has been able to organize the small interior space (60 square meters) optimizing it in order to allow the owners to satisfy their clients’ needs and to enhance the selling process, diversifying each products group with our furniture and an attentive use of colors and graphic communication.

Cosmetics graphic sign

A clear but nevertheless unique graphic communication has been applied with care to identify each area.

Render zona Dermocosmesi
In the central area has been installed the Glass System, to offer an expositive continuity together with a strong luminosity of the glass partitions, still preserving the privacy of the consultancy spaces.

Aluminium and Eclettika systems has been choose utilized in combination to bring out the cosmetic products, Quadro system for the hygiene sector and Eclettika has been used for the back counter.

An accurate lighting project has been the key point for the identification of the interiors: a main lighting system works directly on the products while the internal paths are identified by a mild lighting system.
Proy. SAN GODENZO. Camara 3
The pharmacy has 2 levels, the ground floor host the selling area and the products check area, while on the first floor are the robotic dispensing system, the owner’s office, the bathroom/dressing room, the prescriptions compounding and the storage room.