We are at your side, step by step!

The process to realize a new successful pharmacy is made by different steps, Staff3 has the knowledge and the experience to guide you all along the way, since the beginning till the opening! Whatever your needs are, we will take care of your new pharmacy, helping you to find the perfect solution for you.

First analysis

Understand which are the potentiality of your pharmacy and the weakest aspects of your business

Know your business

We help you to understand the actual situation of your business, how to eliminate the weak point and how to enhance the strong point, the product sectors to be reduced and the ones that should be increased.


A personalized project, based on your requirements.

Your needs.Your pharmacy.

Once we understand your personal requests for the new pharmacy we will prepare a presentation project, with plans and renders, to make you understand better the spaces. We can show it to you on-line or we could come directly to you, if you prefer.


Special services focused on communication: lettering, logos, internal signage, external communication, web services.

Communicate better to sell better

An attentive communication  is one of the most essential element to enrich your customers’ experience, working both inside the pharmacy ambient with an effective and clear communication, and outside the pharmacy, making the best from a smart web communication strategy.


Italian top quality products at the step of your door.

We prepare the whole technical drawings package for the construction site, which can be supervised by the local business companies.